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Most people looked at Templeton and dismissed him as a pretty face, hell that's how he wound up with his nickname. But it was Hannibal Smith who saw more and took him under his wing. Smith helped to mold and meld him into a soldier. But it was Charisa Sosa who made him human. It wasn't love at first sight exactly, they'd had to grow on each other but once they had there had been no one else.

It was why he was so worried about her now. He couldn't have said what was bothering him so much he just was worried. He'd tried to call her on a secure line twice but nothing, so now he was pacing trying not to go racing in to save her.

Date: 2013-07-15 01:14 am (UTC)
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Everybody made mistakes at some point in their lives, mistakes that led to regrets and a numbness that lasted longer than they wished. It had been six years since she had declined to take her relationship with Face to another truth she had been scared and ran, hid behind her work and turned all feelings of love for him to hate.

That had of course changed three years ago when he and the A-Team had been charged on false counts and she had promised to help him out. Shit, she'd seen him in a whole new light. The calls had come through and yet she didn't answer her mind focused on the files of reports of the teams current actions.

"What the hell did I get myself into?" She mumbles before picking up her cell to try and call him back, last thing she needed was for him to show up unexpected and get caught.


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